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Canary Wharf Light Trail

Grateful if anyone who works nearby could let me know, based on previous experience, whether this is worth coming up for.


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    I went last year.  It was very good if you don't mind tripping over kids. Planning on doing it one evening next week probably.
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    I went there last year, and it was very good. A lot to see, spread over the Canary Wharf area, they give you a map showing where everything is.

    I did in on the final day, a Saturday after the match, and it was very busy, so will try and do it midweek this year.

    Battersea Power Station are also doing a light festival, running to the end of February.
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    It's disgustingly busy, and if you don't mind looking at the back of people's heads for the most part as they endlessly pose for inane social media content, then you'll enjoy it no end
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