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Born From The Same Stranger

Programme on ITV about people born from a sperm donor. Anyone else watched? Now I love Long Lost Family and fully understand why people want to trace their birth mother or father and subsequently siblings etc. However I’m struggling to get my head round this. Someone has given a sperm donation, for which they have undoubtably been paid, and have had no interaction at all with your other parent, why would you want to trace them or any siblings you may have, it’s not as if they can tell you anything about the man who donated the sperm.

Is it just me who thinks this?


  • Back when I was a callow youth I worked with a bloke who revelled in the fact that he was a sperm donor.
    He was I guess about 40, back in the days when that was approaching middle-age.
    He was a big-nosed, big-eared misfit creep.
    It would break my heart to think somebody would successfully track him down as their father
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