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Steve Harley - RIP

Best known as lead singer of Cockney Rebel dies age 73 - RIP


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    Very sad … what a frontman and vocalist, loved  his music RIP
  • One of my favourite songs ever is Sebastian
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    "Tribute to my all time favourite song. Rest In Peace, Steve.

    You made me smile".
  • Shame.
    Come Up and See Me is a good song.
    It is all getting closer for my generation. Must get round to altering my will is what I often think when I see these thread titles.
  • Saw him a couple of years ago. Great live performance. RIP
  • Sad news, 'Come up and see me' one of my favourite songs.

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    Saw him support Quo a few years back at Rochester Castle and he was brilliant. Make me Smile is still fantastic today.  RIP .
  • RIP Steve
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  • RIP. The Psychomodo is a great album, he had numerous other fine songs too 
  • RIP, saw him at a Prostrate Cancer fund raiser at Kenney Jones polo club a few years ago. Halfway through his set, he decided to auction the guitar he was using and said he’d arrange for all the other acts to sign it. From memory, someone from the crowd paid £10k for it.
  • Remember seeing Cockney Rebel before they were known at Dagenham Roundhouse and several times in the next few years. When it came to the encore at Dagenham, Steve Harley nervously said that they had no more material and could only play one or two songs again. Without warning, Steve did a cover of Marlene Dietrich’s Falling in Love Again before playing a couple of other songs. Saw Steve Harley again not too long ago, which represents my longest gap between seeing an artist. A really good artist and likeable character. RIP
  • Bloody hell another one of my musical hero's gone! Only a few years older than me, I'm shocked and saddened. Come up and see me, great song! Was a good DJ as well!
    RIP Steve, thanks for the music mate!! Xxx
  • He used to be a journalist at my local paper - The Maldon and Burnham Standard. RIP 
  • That is so sad. Another contributor, with the likes of "Make Me Smile", "Judy Teen", "Mr Soft" and many more including one particularly close to my heart, "Sebastian", to the soundtrack of not just my youth but later life too, has gone forever.  

    Thanks Steve. RIP
  • That’s a shocker…Loved his music. RIP 
  • RIP
  • Absolutely gutted was a massive fan in the 70s as a teenager and continued to follow in the later years. A brilliant and imaginative songwriter. 
    Thank for the memories Steve, another part of my youth gone. R.I.P
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  • Great voice, RIP.
  • RIP Steve - one of the good guys.
  • "Guitar!" my favourite bit of Come Up and See Me.
  • Local boy, RIP
  • RIP Steve,  sleep easy. 
  • stonemuse said:
    One of my favourite songs ever is Sebastian
    I agree, this is also one of my favourite all time songs.
  • Awful news seen him a couple of times in the last few years. Timeless flight was his best album in my view. 

    One of greatest musicians. RIP. 
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