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    Regarding the Well Hall train crash.

    Most Sunday evenings my group from Coldharbour / Mottingham would go to the Welcome Inn in Well Hall Road for their Sunday night disco. We mixed with a bunch of Charlton supporters from Middle Park Estate.who were also always there.

    That particular evening a rumour started just before closing time that there had been a Train crash between Well Hall and Kidbrook stations.

    From memory, as soon as this rumour started the Welcome Inn quickly emptied, and most people including the group I was with quickly walked to Well Hall station.

    When we arrived the police were moving every one on apart from the emergency services. The entrance into the Bus station was cordoned off at Well Hall Road, and only Police and emergency vehicles were getting through, so we all gave in. We walked up to Eltham police station and caught the bus home.

    I remember going home and telling my Mum & Dad about the train crash.

    I cannot believe that was 52 years ago. It seems like yesterday!
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