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BEAT THE BOOKIE 2023/24 week 29 results (International break this week)

5 out of 71 lifers got a return in week 28.
@ThreadKiller is the weekly winner with wins for Fulham (3.20) and Ipswich (1.53) netting £48.96. 
It would’ve been more had Threadkiller got his bet in before the Swansea match kicked off.

@ParkinsonOut has returns in the last 2 weeks.

@Charlton_Stu in front overall. 

We would collectively be £4,591 down if laid with a real bookie over the season.   

The regular gutter dwellers yet to get a return are @Len\'s_little_girl @oohaahmortimer@paulbaconsarnie Rose Tinted Roger and @Lewis Coaches.

I hope all winners backed them in reality.

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