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BEAT THE BOOKIE 2023/24 week 31 results and week 32 fixtures

6 out of 70 lifers got a return in week 31.
@Tutt-Tutt is the weekly winner with wins for Newcastle (2.70), Man City (1.33) and Charlton (2.75) netting £98.75

@T_C_E has returns in the last 2 weeks.

@Charlton_Stu in front overall. 

We would collectively be £5431 down if laid with a real bookie over the season.   

Rose Tinted Roger saw success for the first time this season with a south London special and drags himself from the gutter.

Regulars still in the gutter and yet to get a return are @Len\'s_little_girl @oohaahmortimer@paulbaconsarnie and @Lewis Coaches.

I hope all winners backed them in reality.

The Rules
Each week a selection from the weekends games will be posted up.
Each weekend you'll be given a virtual tenner to put on either a single, double or treble.
Simply post your bet from the selections and we'll work out peoples virtual winnings/losses over the season. 
If you don't use your bet you get -£10 for that week for competition purposes but we do also keep track with your profit/loss if laid with a real bookie.
If you know you're going to be away and don't want to miss the week then PM me with your selections.
Any newbie coming in will start on the same balance as the lowest in the competition.

If altering bets due to postponements, please do so by making a fresh post rather than editing the original post.
Any bets affected by postponements will be settled using remaining selections unless the match is rearranged and played the following midweek. If all selections are cancelled (and bet not updated), you will get a £20 stake for the next round.

Below are this weeks fixtures. Please note the dates and kick off times and good luck



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