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Ridsdale strikes again

How many more clubs will he be allowd to fcuk-up?

I know this wasn't ALL his doing, but still...
£30m debt


  • i pity the goldfish.
  • Perhaps a little conspiracy theory here, what if he just going round buying up all the scum clubs, leeds, cardiff and liquidating them!

    Palarse next please mr ridsdale.
  • The man's a disgrace. Should never have been allowed back into football in the first place after what he did to Leeds.
  • Former Leeds CEO and now Dept. Chairman of Cardiff has his say:


    Mr Risdale! Mr Risdale! I think I've made a mess again.
  • Lol dude, when i wrote palase next please mr ridsdale i was saying it in my head as mr grimsdale!!! lol
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