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***NEW*** CAFC Directory Map

Check out the all new, all singing, all dancing Directory Map.

Wait for it... it's a map... all community members can stick pins in the map to identify places of interest to CAFC and visiting fans, according to a series of categories (Feel free to suggest new categories).

Note, don't stick pins in that aren't of interest to football supporters (ie your house or place of work) (Vandalising the map could result in a nasty message from AFKA, or, in serious cases, Security may have to escort you off the site). Stick to the categories, or suggest new ones. It's basically a ground guide, so pins must be helpful and informative. At this point stick to the Charlton/Greenwich region. I'll work on possiblly getting map pages set up for all away clubs/regions. Also, be precise when locating a site. Use the satellite view (or hybrid) so you can locate the exact building/property.

Pins can be linked to Discussions. Therefore, say you mark the Horse and Groom, you can link this to a discussion about the plus and negatives of the pub.

Lastly, the popular Member Map will be back just as soon as I can get it to play nicely with the rest of the site.


PS Feedback welcome ;-)


  • There's always one - and that one appears to be Valley McMoist today!!!
  • Sort him out AFKA
  • i would if i could see the bloomin thing from work....
  • Can I ask what the point might be...? Hopefully we all know where the Valley and surrounding pubs are, we spend long enough talking about them...
  • Errr... fair question.

    New supporters may learn a thing or two about match day in the area
    Regulars may find out something about a pub, or parking, or restaurant in the area. (remember these points can be linked to discussions)
    Visiting supporters can view the map.
    I like maps.
    Hopefully we can get maps for other clubs, which will help our supporters find their way on away days.
  • You should put the dome on it. Be very good for visiting fans. a few pubs and restaurants. I was looking at the Frankie and Benny's breakfast menu last week and thinking how handy that woudl be for a fry up before west ham away this season... then realised we werent playing west ham.
  • Yup, the dome is a good one.
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]You should put the dome on it. Be very good for visiting fans. a few pubs and restaurants. I was looking at the Frankie and Benny's breakfast menu last week and thinking how handy that woudl be for a fry up before west ham away this season... then realised we werent playing west ham.

    we playing any teams in north london that we can jump on that?

    erm.....I know....before the Carling Cup Final, FA Cup Final and the Play Off Final!
  • Is the New Den too far away to be included on your map?

    People are always looking for a good comedy venue - and The Toolbox fits the bill.
    Then everyone can laugh at Millwall.

    PS: How did they get on in the League Cup last night?
  • How about the cab office just off Charlton Church Lane?
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  • can't you put Floyds bar on it??!
  • How about the speedbump Ketman fell over on Saturday? Could be a danger to other unsuspecting drunkards fans.
  • cor its so hard not to amend... sorry! lollololol

    anyway if you're going to have the Coriander you're going to have the Viceroy aussi!
  • where the nearest atm's may be helpful.
  • good idea. I'll make a Banking category.
  • Not sure how I do it but do one on the Wollwich Foot Tunnel for us 'Northern' Addicks.

    Spent many a drunken 10 minutes in there
  • Just added the O2 and QE2 Pier
  • Sorry, still not getting this. Haven't, like, Streetmap already done this years ago?
  • edited August 2007
    Lord ave mercy... (sorry, not meaning to be rude) it's just pins on a map... I think people 've been doing it for years. It's nothing new, it's just integrated into this site. Any member can add a location they think is helpful to others interested in learning more about what's in and around the Valley. Eventually, you may be able to look up locations around football grounds around the country. Each pin can be tied to a discussion. e.g. someone pins a curry house in which they enjoy post match meals. Others can see that the restaurant is quality. Maybe a discussion is linked in, some say they like, some don't. It's an informational directory which will hopefully will be developed into something like the Football Ground Guides which we see around.
  • Fine idea Lookout............added my contribution as it was requested in this very thread.................well I can now can't I.

    Happy Days

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  • It's a good idea and a useful service. My only moan is that all the pins are the same so if you didn't know the area you wouldn't know which were pubs/food/entertainment/travel/etc at first glance

    And where's the Valley Express stop?
  • edited August 2007
    LOL! Valley Express stops would be a good addition. How could we forget? ANyone who knows about em, pop em in the Travel category.

    Yeah, I agree. Initially wanted different pin types for different categories, but that's proved too difficult at this stage. Grrrr. So, right now, if you're looking for something specific, it's best to navigate from the list below the map, or the search.

    Peace in the Middle East
  • Agree with different pin types being useful - evn just having a different colour for pubs would be handy.
    Very good though!
  • LoOkInG at the pins it could probably do with recentering to the left of the Valley to include a bit of Greenwich.
  • That can be done, or I could zoom out a bit on default.
  • It needs more info on Parking, both paid and free. Anyone who drives to matches care to add info please do...
  • I've put my house on there.....for a laugh
  • I thought it was funny... then I deleted it ;-)
  • In between what I just saw and the original zoom level looks best to me! Can you set it at that?
  • Yup, I agree, it's one out too many... check it in a mo...
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