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Guitar lessons?

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Does anyone know of anyone cheapish in Kent that gives guitar lessons to children? 


  • Whereabouts are you? I know a guy who lives in Sidcup who gives guitar lessons.
  • I am deeper Kent in Sittingbourne. 
  • Oh ok...that may be a bit too far for him.
  • I am struggling finding anything around here, I just want her to learn the basics she could learn the rest via dvds etc, 
  • I am struggling finding anything around here, I just want her to learn the basics she could learn the rest via dvds etc, 
    I'll contact my nephew whose group Florence of Flo and The machines used as her launch pad. But Sittingbourne maybe too far into Kent, i know he does not drive, I'll whisper if he is interested.
  • I know a guy from sheppey who is very good
  • can you inbox me details please?
  • I know someone in Rainham, he teaches me drums but he teaches everything (guitar, bass, ukulele) and is a great teacher, I know he has a number of young children he teaches at the moment, I guess Sheppey would be a bit easier for you though
  • what are his rates?
  • I pay £12 per half hour, not sure what it is for guitar. I think he may do discounts for hour lessons, I can find out from him or if you want me to message you his details I can do.
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  • yes please I am not sure of my budget just yet that is upto the husband but that sounds reasonable. 
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    Sadie, Is the child in question old enough to grasp learning from DVD? I know you said you'd prefer one on one tutition but if you can't find anyone suitable, I have an excellent DVD that starts right from the basics of holding the guitar correctly and tuning and slowly works up over a few hrs until you're better than brian may. I'd be happy to send you copies of these if you wish.

    Could even be fun for you to learn alongside her.
  • Quick tip: Buy a magazine called Total Guitar if you can, there's technique tips, fully tabbed songs (very easy to understand, and the harder bits are normally explained how to best get your hands around them) and very informative on anything rock n roll! Although this may not be useful until your child has developed her skills a bit more/become substantially interested in rock (presuming she isn't already). Although it is a little pricey, 5 quid once a move but you get a CD with backing tracks with it. Was just a thought at least.

    Oh and there are some good starter books in some guitar shops which can teach you basic techniques such as palm muting, powerchords etc :)

  • Tango, the child in question is 6, mind you she is a very clever 6. I want to use DVD's as I don't have much money I just thought that a couple of starter lessons would be a good idea. I would love a copy of your DVD if you think it would be suitable thank you.

    LNA Thank you I'll keep that in mind.

    Colt got your message thank you,
  • justinguitar on youtube - excellent series

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