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Time for Shef U to sack Danny Wilson, surely!

Lost four of their last ten. If they lose at Walsall on Tuesday night, they will have lost three of their last four,and Wilson could become the third managerial scalp Charlton will have claimed in as many weeks.



  • The LMA should present an award to Charlton at the end of the season for single handedly finding their members work.
  • yep sack him proper only him and parky the only managers in yorkshire that havent been sacked this season
  • Wilson has scary Dark eyes that have no soul......
  • Megson to Sheff utd.

  • Lee Clark may be a good call
  • Sheff Utd will come good.
  • should finish second
  • Might as well sack him. Not even Jesus Christ himself could take Sheff Utd to the title.

    Not when we've got God in charge!
  • Megson to Sheff utd.

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    You joke, but if they don't sack him soon there'll be no time for the new bloke to have an impact.
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  • Lost three of their last four. Worst current form in the division apart from Bournemouth!
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    Megson out! Oh. Whatever. Booooo!
  • Surely Powell out, we haven't won for one game.
  • Wilson has scary Dark eyes that have no soul......
    He's got...lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eye.
  • love that film, love that line!
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    Seriously, second place is now wide open, with two points seperating three teams - and the second automatic place could go to whichever club has made the best managerial decision.

    Two have sacked. One has stuck (so far). There is now virtually nothing between them for second place, except that Shef U seem to be falling to pieces - five defeats in their last 11 games.

    My hunch is that 'Udders might now nick it. Two points off Shef U, game in hand on Wednesday (whom they still have to play) , only one defeat in their last ten and Grayson a better manager than Clark...
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