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She was only the Chorister’s daughter, but...

...she’d do the lot for a tenor!


  • someone give gatwick a call, they seem to be missing a case
  • She was only the Admirals daughter

    but her naval base was full off discharged se(a)men
  • She was only a fishmongers daughter...

    ...but she laid on the slab and said fillet.
  • The oldest one i know is ....

    She was only the dustmans daughter...

    ...but she knew where her father had bin.
  • She was only the chemist's daughter, but she let the farmer see.

    She was only the telegrapher's daughter, but she did it did it did it.
  • She was only the carpenter's daughter, but she would.
  • She was only the carpet fitters daughter ......but she liked her under felt.
  • She was only a sergeant major's daughter but she knew what Reggie meant
  • She was only a pilot's daughter................but she kept her cockpit clean.

    She was only an undertaker's daughter...................but she'd always bury a stiff.

    She was only the Communist's daughter.................but everyone got his fair share.

  • She was only the Mayor's daughter................but she let the borough surveyor!
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    She was only the chartered accountant's daughter.......................... but she had a good understanding of finance & economics!!!

    (have I missed the point again?)
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    She was only the petrol pump attendants daughter, but she knew the smell of Benzole...
  • She was only a coal miner's daughter but she had a mine of her own.
  • Powell Is Pleasant
    April 5
    She was only the chartered accountant's daughter.......................... but she had a good understanding of finance & economics!!!

    (have I missed the point again?

    She was only an accountant's daughter but she sure knew how to keep her bottom line profitable.
  • She was only the accountants daughter............but she knew her way round a figure?
  • She was only a Violinist’s daughter, but she took off her G-string and all the boys fiddled.
  • She was only the Bus Conducter's daughter but she was just the ticket

  • She was only a bus conductors daughter but there was always room for one more on top.
  • she was only the submarine captains daughter, but she sure knows how to go down.
  • She was only the undertaker's daughter but she knew how to handle a stiff.
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  • She was only a Cattleman’s daughter, but she couldn’t keep her calves together.
  • She was only the publican's daughter, but she pulled the wrong knob and got stout.
  • She was only the road mender's daughter, but she liked her asphalt.
  • She was only a Parachutist’s daughter, but she was free-4-all.
  • She was only the metal workers daughter but the nut that screwed her bolted.

    she was only the barmaids daughter but she preferred her men to liquor.
  • She was a only a Tree feller’s daughter, but t’ree fellas were never enough for her.
  • She was only the cricket umpire's daughter, but her crease was fit for Lords.
  • She was only a Vacuum salesman’s daughter, but she knew how to suck!
  • She was only a vicar's daughter, but she loved being taken up the aisle!
  • She was only a Optician’s daughter, but after a few of glasses made a spectacle of herself
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