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Hartlepool Fan Here!!!

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Congrats on winning the league!
Looking forward to Sat, travelling by train on Friday and stopping over for the night, expecting to travel over to Charlton for about 11bells. Where's the best pubs to sample the party atmosphere? And can it cope with 170 or so visiting Smurfs!!!!!!!!!!!
I've seen the outfits, and they are absolute quality, which if you thought the Umpas were good, expect at least double the numbers.
What's the quickest route back to Kings Cross lads and lasses??
Bring it on!!!!!


  • you smurfed with the wrong club
  • The boys are back in town !!!!
  • Antigallican pub turn left out of Charlton station and its there on the other side of the road .... Big boozer which caters for away fans
  • Will you be having a facy dress dust up with Darlo fans at Kings Cross again, seeing oompahs scrapping there last year was quality. Your very welcome and it should be a great day, my son who is 6 was so impressed last year that he lists his favourite teams as Charlton, England, Barcalona and Hartlepool!

    From Kings Cross take the Northern Line to London Bridge (5 stops) then change to overland Charlton its a reaaly easy journey. The Antigallican is an away fans pub just look left as you leave the station, the Rose of Denmark is also away fans friendly but probably couldnt cope with a couple of hundred smurfs, just enjoy your day its going to be a great party for all
  • Forget the Antigalloican if you want to enjoy the party atmosphere, join us in the Rose of Denmark, Left outside the station, then left onto the woolwich roard and its on your left just past the BP garage
  • Hpool Fan - 170 Smurfs? I'm guessing last year's Father Christmasses have thrown the towel in and joined the winners.
  • Love hartlepool so much !
    Jeff Stelling is Gillete Soccer Saturday
  • Darlo.......don't even know what league there in now!, Ha.
    Love it that your youngun supports Hartlepool!!
    Sell out v Little old Hartlepool, that hasn't happened much before!,
  • One lad, has ordered all the outfits,
    as well as train and hotel tickets.He deserve a medal!
    Jell Stelling is not biased, is he??? Ha
  • Looking forward to seeing you all next week.
    Hope the weather's better.
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  • Looking forward to seeing you all next week.
    Hope the weather's better.
    If the weather gets any worse wet suits wont be fancy dress
  • Have you sold your ticket allocation? Going to be a brilliant day down at a packed Valley.
  • Don't honestly know Pal, I would think 500 or so, which is still impressive for a club our size, miles away, and nowt to play for.
    Can't see me paying 2.20 a pint down there either!!
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    500 is an impressive turnout as you say and no I don`t think you will be paying that either! ;) Rose of Denmark is a good pub with home and away fans allowed and has a good bit of banter so you might enjoy that more than the Antigallican.

  • Can't see me paying 2.20 a pint down there either!!
    you wont, more like 3.20
  • £2.20 a pint f**K me wheres that we will all be there !
  • Good to see Hartlepools fans on here! Would love to see them in the Championship. I seem to remember years and years ago they had good players like Ken Johnson and George Luke. Giving my age away here. Also believe many, many years ago gave the Man Utd Busby babes a good cup game.
    PS: You will only get beer £2.20 a pint in ASDA or TESCO!
  • Well considering i haven't managed to get hold of a charlton ticket..

    How much would you pay me to be a Hartlepool fan (oompa) for the day ??...
  • Quickest route back to Kings Cross is train to London Bridge, tube to Kings X doesn't take long
  • does solano still play for you guys?
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  • Christ, you are showing your age pal , George Luke etc!
    Solano, hasn't played for ages, failed to turn up for a Ressies game at Hull bout 3 month ago, and was found out on the piss with Chopra and Bullard in Newcastle that same might. Official line is he's out with Illness, believe it or not!!
    Both parties stubborn and it's stalemate!
    Got a one year option on him, but won't see him again in a Pools Shirt again.
    Helped flog 5800 season tickets though!!
    Been 2 Charlton the last two years, very friendly, unreal to think Hpool have been playing the likes of Charlton, Sheffield Wed, Sheffield Utd, Leeds etc in league games!
    Where no longer the butter of jokes!!
    Bring on Coventry and Portsmouth!!!
  • Good luck to you is what I think. Yes for years H'Pool have been the butt of jokes. Perennial fight to avoid going out of the league and of course the Monkey Hangers thing. Jeff Stelling has done your profile a lot of good. You've had a decent season and with a few sensible signings you could be scratching around the playoffs again next year. As for Salano well that's the wrong sort of player for a club like you. Hope you get your bit of glory over the coming months starting after next week.
  • The Oompaloompahs were fantastic. Looking forward to seeing the Smurfs. Hats off to you guys.
  • Really enjoyed this fixture last year. This year will be even better.
  • Hopefully the sun is out again!
  • Hopefully the sun is out again!
    The weather forecast is for it to be still pissing down :0(
  • Hopefully the sun is out again!
    The weather forecast is for it to be still pissing down :0(
    The smurfs won't be blue for long then!
  • No one can predict the weather that far in advance , sun will be shining

    Hpool fan I have got a cracking picture of 2 oompahlompas in the back of my pals cab ,

    He was at the game last year and was loving you lot all dressed up

    Then 2 am to of your lot battered drunk gets in the back of his cab looking for brasses

    Top respect to all pool fans cracking club cracking fans

  • Great fans and good ground.
    many years ago I spent 3 very interesting months on a ship based in Hartlepool, we used to drink in a pub called The Middlesborough which would open especially for us as soon as we came into dock - very drunken days, I even went out with a local lass but couldn't understand a word she said - but that's another story.

    See you all Saturday
  • You lot so better watch out for me....................
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