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John Terry Photos Funny.


  • Who does he think he is? Ollie.
  • love it!
  • Ha, saw these earlier.. quality stuff.
  • wonderful
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    I read in the Times yesterday that in addition to changing into his playing kit half way through the match he actually put his shin pads in. Presumably to complete the illusion that he played in the match. I was reminded of my 8 year old nephew watching the play off game the same day in a similar style.

    Contrast with Keane and Scholes in '99.
  • Very funny.
  • He really is a belled isn't he.... He almost cost them the bloody thing....
    Yeah you'd love to know what the rest of the players really think about him muscling in on their celebrations after he did everything in his power to f*** things up against Barca.
    Also, his shameless celebrating show what sort of a bloke he really is, as if we didn't know already....and to think he was deemed fit to be England captain. Totally classless.
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  • Olly pic with Terry....
  • what thread was the picture of john terry and chris solly in? i was trying to find it and cant?
  • I love the idea of John Terry as Muttley.

    'Gimme, gimme medal'
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