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No Lampard - Who will take the pens?

So now Frank Lampard is out of the Euros and with Rooney suspended as well as Gerrard being scared to take a penalty for England at tournaments in non penalty shoot outs....
WHO IS GOING TO TAKE THE PENALTY? (if we get one, without going to shoot out...if we get that far)


  • Ashley Cole or Ashley Young
  • Ashley Cole.....after the impressive one he took in Champs League Final.
  • does it really matter, its not like we ever win on pens anyway...
  • does it really matter, its not like we ever win on pens anyway...

    Read the main quote again....not pen shootouts pen in a game...its the only way i can see us scoring

  • Gerrard
  • Ashley cole
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    Gerrard definitely will but I think Ashley Cole is probably our best taker. (Good at taking penalties too)
  • Johnnie Jackson
  • Ashley Cole a penalty taker lol
  • Scotty P could be out also.
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  • Ashley Cole for me as well
  • Ashley cole was the first person that came to my mind. He would defo take one in a shootout aswell.

    Maybe Terry could slip up for one :D
  • Gareth Southgate
  • They should call up Nicky Bailey just in case we do actually get a penalty..........
  • It's be Gerrard if fit. Rooney second choice when he comes back in.

    That Stewart Downing has been knocking them in this year too, he'll be confident.
  • It's a pretty feeble looking squad IMO.
  • Agreed, would be slightly better for Richards, Carrick (though I'm not really a fan, he's just better than Henderson) and Lennon.

    Feel a bit sorry for Hodgson, he's not got a lot to work with compared to the talent at the disposal of the likes of Del Bosque or Low.
  • But that is what Hodgson is best at looking at his record to be fair. Turning average players/teams into something that is greater than the sum of it's parts.
  • Watch out. I think Pauline will be taking the pens.

  • Ashley Cole took a quality pen in the champs league final, would get my vote
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  • Gareth Batty
  • Gareth Batty
    The cricketer?

    Do you mean David?
  • Gareth Batty
    The cricketer?

    Do you mean David?
    Hungover... What an idiot!
  • There's only one man for the job.

  • However, as he's not English, how about:

  • it will be Capt Gerrard.
  • Joe hart has a good penalty record.

    Basically scott Parker, carrying a bit of an injury and stevie G, who hasnt played all season have to play the full 90 in every game. On paper we are now comparable with ireland.
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