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CL at the Rio Olympics

How hard can it be? Even Yorkshire won some medals.

So for Rio in four years time how about an independent republic of Charlton Life team.

We'll need a competitor for as many sports as possible to justify the cost of the Valley Express coach hire and to get the group rate I've agreed at the Favela Hilton.

So if you have ever played any of the Olympic sports stick you name down. I'll start

Henry Irving - Archery


  • Is Sumo gonna be included ?
  • Golf please Henners!
  • Redmidland spends his time wearing a Bra and Knickers, so put him down for Beach Volleyball.
    I once sold one or two items I maybe shouldn't have, so I'll do the fencing.
  • I fancy the BMX . Do you get extra points for wheelies?
  • Building a decent squad now.

    Redmidland can compete in the women's events as i think we'll struggle there until headlocks become an olympic event
  • bloodnut - shooting (urban)

    should come in handy for getting to/from the favela hilton in one piece!
  • I'll be too old to compete but will happily offer my services to the CL ladies beach volleyball team. Just you all remember I asked first.
  • Diving.

    Top Bombing.
  • Equestrian. Water Polo please.
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  • I'll take up road cycling, and rely on the German, British and Kazak teams to get me close to the front
  • Ping pong for me please. I love that wiff waff and I am better than any Chinese dude that's for sure.
  • We must be able to get a football, basketball and rugby sevens team together?
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    I'm going to join the Army and get the best seats for free. After searching myself, obviously.

    Team CL will need an official Drugs Tester. First dibs on that one please. Especially that new Oxi drug that was all the rage last time we went there. Cocaine battery acid and kerosene. Yes, really. Insane.

    And I will do immediate drugs test on any athlete who says they have given 110%.

    Failing these positions, can I interview Team CL athletes each time they win?

    FM - How do you feel
    CLA - Fantastic/amazing/unbelievable
    FM - What was the atmosphere like?
    CLA - Fantastic/amazing/unbelievable
    FM - What were the crowd like?
    CLA - Fantastic/amazing/unbelievable
    FM - Would you like to cry now?
    CLA - Yes
  • I'm happy to take one for the team and be the one that fails the drugs test, ya'know, if needs must.

  • Take a traffic warden.
    Could be useful for shooting events.
  • Weightlifting

    I've been in training for a few years now with all this timber
  • I can do women's cycling!
  • kiteboarding, skilled with wind.
  • I'm looking for a fellow Lifer to do some synchronised diving
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  • My Year 4 1000 metre badge surely qualifies me for every swimming event!
  • My Year 4 1000 metre badge surely qualifies me for every swimming event!

    If you can swim in your pyjama's your in. ; )
  • I did fencing once at a PGL week when I was younger. Made a boy cry I stabbed him so hard, made me happy!
  • I've done a few garden restorations this year, so could I be in the fencing team? Pleeease?
  • Mountain Biking - I live halfway up a mountain am really good at doing the downhill bit......
  • I do a bit of weightlifting every time I clamber off the sofa to get another cup of tea so put me down for that. Do we get the lycra leotards from the club shop (as was) or will Mrs.M have to knit one?
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    I've been told by new team selector @Telmc32 that I'm a shoo-in for the cycling as I actually cycle 25-30 miles daily.

    Then again I might pass up the offer of team CL and actually try and compete for team GB in the coming years as I'm not to bad at it. : - 0
  • Discus for me how hard can it be to throw a frisbee no way will they bother throwing the real one on a beach in the sun
  • Team GB penalty taker, how hard can that be .
  • Do you think they might make poker an Olympic sport? :)
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