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Everton to leave Goodison Park.

Fans have voted to leave Goodison Park, Just find it a bit sad,but money talks and all that.


  • agreed, very sad. Another club giving up their history.

    Can see them really regretting this. All that glitters t'is not gold.
  • yeah very surprised to hear they are moving over 10 miles away, what a sell out, so much for their constant bitter whining about being the real team of Liverpool, they are now not even in Liverpool.
  • im very surprised too.
    is it not possible to redevelop the ground? i've not really followed the story to be honest.
  • I would of thought expansion would be possible where they are, I cant imagine that there is anything within a few miles of Goodison that they would not be allowed to knock down, in fact they should be positively encouraged to knock most of the surrounding area down.
  • Moving 10 miles away,the New Ground will be in kirby.
  • shame, like all these new areans, the old proper fottie ground is a dying breed.

    never been to everton, and now gutted i didnt make it there! in the cup please (and on a saturday please mr cup draw dood!)
  • according to my everton mates the fans voting to leave is absolute bollocks, the whole thing is a scam.

    his words to me earlier were '10.30am today, the end of everton fc.'
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