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Well Done Ladies

on reaching the quarter finals.

Probably more than the Rugby and Ketman players will do in their cups!


  • Let's hope we can get to the final and win it.
  • Well done to them.

    However, having just watched the "highlights" I have to say that the standard is absolutely shocking - particularly the goalkeeping (if you can call it that!)
  • Women's football your havin a laugh (wait's for pelters all tongue in cheek).
  • Women can't catch FACT!
  • Good luck to them
  • I actually took the time to watch the highlights last night, Englands 2nd Goal was a block tackle that flew 30 yards under the keeper, the first was a quality headed own goal. Argentina just shot as soon as they got within 40 yards of the England goal. The cameraman seemed more interested in the Teddy Bear above Hope Powell's dugout.
  • It's a panda, actually, Ketman - please get your facts right on this ;-) ;-)
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