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20Twenty - Another game we've invented

and are shit at.

Or did someone else think up this form of the game.

Yuraj Singh 6 6's and against a quickie - some doing.


  • We sent our "Specialist" 20/20 players. However they were just county players to play against International cricketers.
    For a professional, cricket is cricket is cricket. Be it Test/ODI/20-20.
    We got so wrong again. The likes of Wright, Snape, Kirtley, Schofield etc should not have been there. Flintoff is so out of from with the bat it's a joke. His bowling has been fantastic but he should bat no higher than 10 at the moment.
  • OH this thread is too much, was this one a thrashing as I did not even know we had a game ?
  • It is just a version of Cricket and the only version of the game we are any good at takes 5 days - forget the mickey mouse short stuff 20/20 or 50/50 the 5 day stuff is real cricket, unfortunately we are only second best at that....
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