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“bulls***” and “fantasy”

What Arsenal think of Chelsea

Agree with a lot of what is said here, and looks like Arsenal might buck the trend of being sold off


  • yep, it all comes down to the size of your ground and not the size of your owners wallet...get that east stand extension going...
  • If Peter Hill-Wood actually said the word 'bull$hit' I'd be very surprised. That man is posher than the Queen.
  • yep the bigger the ground the better,east stand extension please
  • good crowd at the emirates last night (60k) to see their reserves turn over newcastles first team and both goals were the nuts.....they've gone from being the most boring team ever under george graham to almost total football under arsen whinger
  • have to doth the cap to old arsene, he has done well there, i wonder what the money he spent over the last 3 years compares with the other 3 'big' clubs (and spurs!!)!??!
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