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What were your 'CL highlights' of the 12/13 season ?

Following on from someone saying how much they enjoyed the #E thread, it will be good to read what are others stand out highlights for them over the past season ? Could be a joke, picture, piece of advice, debate, funny reply, certain thread, regular feature, comp won etc.

A variety of things that stand out for me:

- The Cardiff match thread, starting with this post from Nolly when losing, that developed a legend. One of the best match threads we've ever had -

- Golfie's dating tales, starting with the following post, during the Singledom thread.

- Stig and JT's continued services to Photoshop and GIFs respectively

- Oggy reliving childhood tales from the late 19th century regarding Hop farm -

- Some great nostalgia regarding Teletext

- Saint Christopher's Christmas Message (Grumpyaddick) -

- Some of the openness of some posters when the Jimmy Saville / abuse stuff first started to come to light

- Peanuts and his extraordinary committment to the Grand National thread

Its very easy to forget so much over the course of a season, but everyone has different highlights and remembers different things.

Be good to hear others thoughts.


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