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My season ticket was delivered by..............

Charlton Athletic FC ‏@CAFCofficial 4m
We expect season-ticket booklets to start being sent out on the week beginning Monday, July 8th --> (IL) #cafc


So as is the tradition on Charlton Life who delivered yours and what problems might they have faced?


  • Can't wait for the first 'My dog chewed it up as it came through the letter box' :-)

  • Apparently, mine will be delivered by Danny Green's sister, Teresa.
  • It was going to be delivered by the usual route but apparently there was a single Millwall ST being delivered so all of the posties with CAFC STs were corralled with only a single bike to go round and made to wait so it missed it's connection on the mail train
  • Dale Stephens was supposed to pass it through my letter box, but I found it this morning in my neighbours front garden.
  • Chris Solly was supposed to deliver mine but my letterbox is 5'4"
  • Andy Hughes is supposed to be delivering mine but he's still running up and down the front garden warming up
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    Danny Haynes left mine half way up the garden path after he pulled up with a hamsting injury and had to be stretchered back to the sorting office.
  • Jon Obika delivered mine, but it was very late on.
  • Scott Wagstaff really really wanted to deliver mine, but he got sold before they were ready. He has said that he will fondly remember previous years when him and Solly skipped up my garden path hand in hand to deliver it.
  • Yann absolutely powered mine through my letterbox, nearly ripped the door off
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  • Carl Leaburn delivered mine but missed and put it into next doors letterbox
  • I heard Alan Pardew was supposed to sort mine. He failed to deliver as promised though, then tried to turn it around and say it was my own fault.
  • Nicky Weaver was meant to but he kept dropping it on the drive
  • Postman delivered mine.
  • The CEO of Andrews Sykes was going to deliver mine but I said he wasn't a good enough postman.
  • Joe Kinnear delivered mine. Told me he'd been postman of the year three times and knew everyone in street but he got all their names wrong.
  • Some one from Brighton and Hove Albion FC delivered mine.It was covered in something that smelt a bit funny.
  • The barstaff at the oak are going to deliver mine.
    I hope to make the Boxing Day match.
  • Sam Baldock was meant to deliver mine. It never arrived.
  • Nicky Bailey was due to deliver mine but his wife kept giving him conflicting directions
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  • Curbishley is 20/1 to deliver mine...
  • Yann is going to deliver mine at 2.59pm on Saturday 10th August - a late entry into the Deliver of the Season Competition
  • Mine hasn't arrived yet. Apparently the extra coupons its put on in the close season means that its BMI is way too high.
    Laurence Bloom has told it to run around the block 12 times before it can have a rest on my doormat.
  • Part time Protheroe delivered mine, he didn't have enough to do, so he has taken on a second job. He needed to subsidise his paltry income.
  • CPFC are delivering mine, the season after next.
  • My season ticket was meant to be delivered by Maria Sharapova, but she slipped on the grass outside and never made it.
  • Wesley Warrens but he lost his sac.
  • Danny Murphy was going to deliver mine, but his wife did not like the area I lived in.
  • Lloyd Sam was going to deliver mine.....but it's a bit cold out and he can't be bothered.
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    Dennis Rommedahl delivered mine, but he spent an hour and a half running up and down the cul de sac first
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