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  • Think it's a bit harsh on fans in general. Sure, there are some who'll shout abuse at our players, but it's the same at every club and will probably never change. Never something that I've personally and don't agree with it.

    On the other hand, I'm not going to start stroking their egos when they play like they couldn't really give a shit..................................
  • Don't agree the atmosphere has been poisonous, considering the dross that we have had to endure so far, I think the fans have been excellent in trying to get behind the team. You will always get the odd idiot, but overall I think the fans have played their part so far.
  • I agree with Al, I think the fans, especially the covered end, have been excellent this season.
  • More than one fan had a go at the players after the millwall game.
  • Not enough had a go they needed to know
  • One win in eight, but blame the fans. Easy cop out that is!

    After the Millwall game people were venting their anger. No problem with that.

    How about turning it around then and getting some atmosphere going via the music control room before kick off!
  • Utter rubbish. Players talked up the millwall game and then didn't turn up. Needed to know it wasn't good enough!
  • The idea that fans being critical causes lousy performances on the pitch is complete and utter balls. Players, managers and coaching staff are highly trained and professional men whose job is to entertain us with good football and successful results. As paying customers we have every right to jump and down and demand changes when they don't deliver.
  • I am certainly not trying to blame the fans for the performances. I agree that Millwall especially was a poor performance. My thinking is more that we've seen the effect of getting behind the team in the most dog occult circumstances. Over the last few weeks I've not enjoyed going to Charlton, and whilst the performances are a part of that, I'm more put off by the atmosphere in the stands.

    Maybe I'm being over critical, perhaps slightly blinded by my appreciation for Powell's work over the last two years. I couldn't make it to Burnley but from speaking to people the atmosphere and support was apparently top class. Whilst I don't expect the players to be given a standing ovation for an awful performance, our support is needed now more than ever
  • I agree, one misplaced pass and you hear a "ERGH" drown out any kind of noise. Just a fact that some go to football to hurl abuse and have a shit time than watching football and enjoy being a part of it.
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  • Would be good if tomorrow evening the crowd adopt the unquestioning supportive stance they did at 2-0 down to Cardiff last season, but from the start. A big ask given how bad we have been but might be what we need!!!
  • Don't take back anything I've said but tonight to a man we were phenomunal. That's the atmosphere we need every game. Whilst I never intended to blame the fans for the players playing badly, the correlation between good play and good support for me works both ways. Fantastic everyone who was there
  • poisonous atmosphere

    what a load of rubbish, the club has numerous issues at present but to call the atmosphere at the Valley that is ridiculous
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