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Laptop help please.

Had my Acer for nearly 4 years, last Sunday it broke (it was like a power surge and the screen went blue saying something about "Kernal").
Long story short, Hard Disk broke got new one fixed (£75 all in). Working fine now, but can't put this site (& Twitter & my GMail) on the desktop Icons.
Followed instructions given by Microsoft (Right click on item, select "Send to".....) except there is no "Send to" selection. Probably me, but any help, in easy to follow instructions, would be gratefully received.
Thanks in advance.


  • Half the screen size and drag the tab icons onto the desktop
  • Choose Create shortcut.
  • ACER?, 4 years old?

    get the starting handle out, give it a spin, and wait for the puff of smoke

    Here to help Paul :-)
  • Thanks Nathan & GA. Think thats done it.
    Will have to get a new one next year E, apparently Windows Vista is being put out to grass (I've no idea what the fella in the computer shop was talking about).
  • By all accounts laptops are "de rigeur" MOG. You'll be either looking to by a Tablet or one of those silly wrist watch thingeys, it's all too fast for me !
  • Still learning how to use this Acer one SJ, gawd knows how a de rigeur laptop works.
  • Windows 8 is a pain in the backside, stick with vista as long as you can.
  • Spearmint Rhino, Tottenham Court Road.
  • When cleaning out the cache/cookies, etc, I get the following list:

    Obliterate the following items from:

    Clear browsing history

    Clear download history

    Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data

    Empty the cache

    Clear saved passwords

    Clear saved Autofill form data

    Clear data from hosted apps

    Deauthorize content licenses

    I understand the first 6, do I "tick" the last 2 (hosted apps & content licenses) ?
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