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Sheff U sign Gary Speed

on 18-month contract


  • that happened quickly
  • only problem with Speed is he has lost his pace
  • Yeah, he can't whizz about anymore
  • I'm glad to see Sheff Yoo are planning for the future.
  • Gary Speed - should really be a slang term for suppositories
  • point is, theyv'e done something already. Not that i would want gary speed, or the lad from Cardiff who the Spuds have just bought (yes, another done deal), but seeing as we are in dire need of defenders and strikers, when do you think we will announce our first deal?

    Any takers on a date before the 10th of Jan? Seeing as the FA Cup is in the 1st week of Jan, and most clubs will want to see what happens & if they are going to progress further, I say not.
  • Two deals are already done and dusted Golfie - take my word for it.
  • a striker and a centre half I hope....
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