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This Joke Isn't Funny Anymore - News Shopper Article

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Hi all, please find below a link to my latest News Shopper column which looks ahead to Friday's game with Millwall.

I bet you can't guess which band's Greatest Hits album I was listening to when I wrote it.....

Click here to read


  • nice one Louis, Morrissey will get you for plagiarism :wink:
  • Good article, although surely you could have squeezed in a reference to "Barbarism Begins at Home" or "Sweet and Tender Hooligan"?!

  • Barbarism begins at home was also taken out by the editor.

    I knew sweet and tender hooligan wouldn't have ever made the cut in the first place so didn't bother!
  • Bronski Beat?
  • edited March 2015
    Macronate said:

    Bronski Beat?

    How did you guess?!
  • Proper Millwall face from Harris in that picture.
  • Good article mate, we failed to score in our last 6 matches!
  • Sounds like some of your best lines were left out!! :wink:

    No room for "Strangeways: Here we come" as the Spanners trudge out at the end of the game? :smile:
  • A case of stop me if you've heard this one before ? Miserable Lie, Still ill, What difference does it make, Suffer little children. So much material ;-) Good write up, These things take time....but maybe this is the time ?
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