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Richard Rufus

edited February 2008 in General Charlton
Rufus is my favourite charlton player to date. being 20 unfortunately i did not get to see hayles play. Was wondering what rufus is up to nowadays. does any one know if hes going into the coaching game or if hes already a coach somewhere or maybe spending time with his family?


  • He's permanently on fire
  • Not sure what Rufus is up to at all. There were rumours he was going to become a "preacher" as he was very big into his respective religion? But it all went quiet. Someone might know.
  • Was he the son of a preacher man Curb_It?
  • he didnt show no mercy on the pitch thats for sure
  • He does some work on the Cherry Orchard, coaching the little kids, to stop them knifing people, although it's been a while since I've seen him do that, works a lot with my Dad's church as well as various other SEL churchs I believe.
  • I actually do know what he's up to at the moment!

    My cousin e-mailed me last week asking if I'd ever heard of a Charlton player called Richard Rufus. 'Why yes!' says I, 'he's a legend'. 'Really' says she, 'he's sitting at my desk at the moment looking coy at having been called a legend'.

    My cousin works for Barclays Capital and apparently Rufus was there to 'see what they do'. I think it was some kind of training/trial period. So there you go, that's how Mr Rufus was spending his time last week at least.
  • he banks with Barclays as i know the guy who deals with a lot of his finances, you sure it wasn't just related to that ??
  • And I opened his account at Barclays when he joined Charlton's YTS.
  • Rufus is doing what all proper ex-addicks do.

    Surfing CharltonLife day and night.

    bit of Charity work on the side as well..
  • Fantastic player, proper Charlton and just made you confident he'd get the ball and save our collective arse.
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  • two words...

    That tackle. The white hart lane one after long lay off.

    Even the most bitter and twisted spudz fan had to acknowledge it.

    Interesting he's doing other stuff than the church
  • Sod the tackle, what about the most important "first ever goal for Charlton" ever?
  • Rufus was the nutts but my most endearing memory of him was when we played at White Hart Lane on boxing day

    I was in with my spurs pals and said lets all have a bet on the game we had been having some real humdingers with them so 9 of us put a fiver in each and put it all on Euell first goal scorer and spuds to win 3-2 all was going to plan we had gone 2 up they pulled it back and then in the 89th minute Iverson over head kick only for Rufus to clear it off the line. 1st time i had wanted us to loose ever.

    i told him about it at the player of the year do that season and he just larfed at me saying you should never bet against your own team and that is the reason why he bought me a beer and walked off larfing the man was an immense presence in our team and terific Charlton type player

    even with a bad knee he would have been better than most if not all that we have got in to replace him how he never got a full england cap i will never know
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