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Happy Birthday Darren Ambrose

6 today! :-)


  • So thats why his corners dont make the six yard box :)
  • Happy Birthday Dazza
  • Have a good one Shazza
  • Happy Birthday Daz.

    Bang in another couple tomorrow - we're right behind you....
  • [cite]Posted By: WSS[/cite]

    Bang in another couple tomorrow - we're right behind you....

    hopefully we wont have to come from behind
  • Enough of these tenuous questionable references, he's only six ;)
  • There is someone else's birthday today on this forum, i can't remember who though, but happy birthday!!
  • alledgedly he likes coming from behind
  • Stop that, stop that! It's filthy!
    (Best Monty Python-esque voice)

    I'd just like to put on record, that young Mr Ambrose is, in fact, a happily married family man with 6 month old baby.

    Anybody who doubts the veracity of his personal life, will be forced to endure him practicing corners that fail to reach the near post. :o)
  • No doubt Ambrose's beard is not as famous as killers.
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  • Happy Birthday Darren you need me to have another word in your ear before the game mate? Worked well last week ;-)
  • He sat just behind me the other night at the yoof game with his missus and his baby on his lap.

    He frustrates the hell out of me but does seem to have a knack of scoring goals.
  • two more assists yesterday
  • And another thing, why do we work on Feb 29th? Does anyone, other than those paid by the hour/day, get extra wages for working an additional day?
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