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Whispers lol

edited February 2008 in General Charlton
Not using this site all the time, what is the point of the above? As most can see it still lol or have the couple of ales at lunch slowed my brain activity?


  • lol

    if done properly, then no one else can see it other than you and the person you are whispering to.

    As a reminder, to send a whisper, enter the user name of your intended recipiant in the Whisper your comments to (optional) box. After a couple of letters the name should come up automatically.

    To reply to a whisper, you either do the same in return, or in the message you received there should be a box that says 'Whisper Back' on it. Click on that and it will automatically put the users name in your reply.

    People can always practise by sending themselves a whisper, or if you wanted to i don't mind people sending ones to me so they can check they are doing it right.
  • some of you are funny feckers, i'll give you that !!!

    you know who you are !
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