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FAO JimmyMelrose not Charlton related

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Please correct me if I am wrong but I think I read last night that you are based in France.

I follow French football alot and would like to think that I know alot about it but one thing that has stumped me this season is why Nantes who got relegated last season, hardly ever play a fixture on a Friday night when for the rest of the second division it is their weekly matchday.

They always seem to play on a Saturday, Sunday or a Monday and I just wondered why, maybe you can help.

They are playing tonight but this is something that I rarely often see.


  • Don't know really. It's probably because they are quite a big club for the 2nd division and so they can rely on their crowds to turn up.

    If you play on the Saturday or Sunday evening you're competing with the live match.

    Saturday afternoons aren't popular in France because people do 'other things.' Don't ask me what - French people are weird sometimes.

    Have they been playing in the evening or afternoon?
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