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Liverpool Night Out

4 of us going up for a random Saturday day/night out in a couple of weeks.

Never been before so just wondering wheres good to go/avoid?

Been told not to go Concert Square as its a bit young/chav (we are late 20's/early 30's). Not fussed about the music style.


  • I'd avoid Liverpool completely. But I'm a boring old fart so I guess my opinion is moot.
  • Can't comment on the nightclubs but if you're eating there's a nice bar/restaurant in the Albert Dock called the smugglers cove. Food's good and decent selection of beers. Good place to fill up before night out. Probably need to book though. The Beatles museum is worth a visit too.
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    Mathew Street was always good for bars in our Prem days. Cavern club is there.
  • Why don't you make it this weekend, VG ?

    Starting on Friday, you could visit Anfield and be outside for the scoop of the season when "Club Officials" and young Joe I in a Liverpool shirt) emerge !
  • Go to Concert Square. Being from Bexleyheath you'll fit right in.
  • albert dock
  • Go to Concert Square. Being from Bexleyheath you'll fit right in.

    oooh low blow FoD
  • if you are staying by the docks/echo arena then drink round there, some excellent places (can't remember any names - but plenty of them)

    think I've stayed in the Jury's Inn next door to the arena before
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  • Yeah we are staying on The Strand by the docks, so will defo check out around there.
  • i'm up there w/e 11/12th July visiting friends and staying at Premier Inn near the airport. They are going to show us all of the sights, but too old to go out to the clubs etc.
  • No specific recommendations as i was smashed, but I did have one of my best nights out ever on a Wednesday night up there about 10 years ago after England v Uraguay at Anfield.

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    I once saw a girl take the longest ever pee in the road that runs down from concert square. She must have been on the pints...

    I always enjoyed my nights out in Concert Square, plenty of different bars all in one area. Matthew Street is more cheesy I thought but good few years ago now.
  • heebie jeebies club
  • Go to the docks, the revolution bar is good over 21s so not many toerags crowd
  • I work in Blue Bar on the dock, good for a Saturday night, a better crowd than the Friday night usual, also a comedy club downstairs which will have a show 8.30-11 or so...
  • Make an effort to visit the historic Philharmonic Bar (Dining Rooms). John Lennon said that "the price of fame is being unable to buy a pint in the Philly." I was never sure if that was because he got mobbed (probably) or because there was a perpetual queue of fans willing to pay for his pint....
  • @DaveMehmet has given you a great call for a restaurant, smugglers cove is very good grub. On Albert Dock I'd say it's not as lively as the city centre but they have some good bars to choose from. As for titty bars......

    X in the city near the station is now closed but ask any cabbie and they will take you to the good one (can't remember it's name but it is a proper tit bar name if that makes sense)

    Decent city for a night out is Liverpool
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