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If you had Katrien Miere's phone number, what would you say to her?

Just say someone from CAFC had given you Katrien's personal mobile number. What would you say to her???

I'm not going to tell you why I'm asking this question (just yet).

PS. If anyone from CAFC is reading this, 'Don't panic'.


  • Not much - I'm not too keen on talking to liars.
  • How does it feel to be part of the gradual destruction of a great club? Is it worth your wages?
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    Give Curbs a call love, he can only say no or are you and Roly really that stupid!
    Just to add Kat some managers are just the right fit for certain clubs, even the second time round.
    A example of this if you do need one is Eddie Howe Bournemouth and if i remember rightly you seemed to have gotten on with thier chairman famously at the last match at home last season, did you not see that was how you run a football club?
  • I don't think I have to talk to her to realise that they are that stupid. Not intellectually, but in relation to their knowledge of football - especially championship football. And their arrogance that makes them think people who have been watching their team for 40 years have less knowledge of it than them!!!!!!!
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    Ask her whats shes wearing.


    Can I speak to I P Freeley, Hugh Jass or Amanda Hugginkiss (why cant she find Amanda Hugginkiss?).
  • I would invite her over to my house for coffee and talk to her of what Charlton has meant to me for 49years of my life.
    She could see the history of the club that is hanging on the walls at home and hopefully understand that i am not the only Charlton fan who feels the way i feel.To be part of afamily is life,the life at this moment is not my family.
  • I don't know what I'd say, but I'm pretty sure my plan to keep calm and deal in facts would quickly give way to shouting, swearing and personal abuse.
  • Ok. I'd say nothing and delete the contact
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  • Aren't you embarrassed having an ever growing nose ?
  • I assume it is taken as given, but just as a reminder under no circumstances should anyone's personal contact details be posted on here. Thank you
  • She has my details if she wants to call and put things right she will. ;)
  • Is there really a plan? If so, how is it stacking up from your (honest) point of view?
  • Can we have the team line-ups back on the screen, please?
  • I'd ask her if she was wearring any underwear
  • Have you got Rolands number I, like a word in his shell like
  • Aite gowjus?
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  • "You're fired,
    from Roland.
    p.s. I changed my number, this is my new number now.

    Love Rolie"
  • " hello--- is it me your looking for?"
  • Your country needs you.
  • Can i have a pair if your used knickers? As you have ignored all my mail and the restraining order on me was frankly ridicilous... ok warden i will be finished in a minute, i know knuckles wants to phone his mum!
  • Netflix and chill?
  • This is an interesting question to answer, but most of you have taken the aggressive/insulting approach which would immediately get a response of Katrien putting the phone down, losing you the opportunity to make sensible/positive comments or questions.

    I would say, Katrien as CEO of this Club you have a duty to the supporters of this which is OUR Club and always will be, owners come and go, and having decided to get involved should be working with us, not just ignoring us. Roland obviously either lacks or ignores the ability to communicate with us, therefore if you are unable to do so then please ask Roland to replace you with someone who can. Right now we need British management, you must surely be starting to understand that supporters like me are getting ready to stay at home in sheer frustration. If you have set your budget against anticipated 18,000 crowds, you are about to lose money. Roland is becoming the new Nero, fiddling whilst The Valley burns ! £120million a season is awaiting in the Premiership, Roland needs to get his brain into gear, or crowds of 9,000 are awaiting him in the lower leagues !
  • KM would you please pass on my thanks for all he has done for me over the past couple of years. I am now able to gain access to the Valley on match days in seconds, I no longer have to queue to take a wee. For most part of the season I do not have any reason to leave my seat for 105 minutes. I really appreciate the big screen replays which confirm we are a crock of shit and it is not just my imagination.
    It is great to be able to leave at the end of the match without queueing to leave and it is genius the way he has made it possible for people to leave 10 or even 20 minutes early so I can get to the Oak within minutes of the end and get served straight away
    Also thanks to Roland for saving me money on buying a ST in future and encourageing me and others go support football teams like in my case Welling where I will feel valued. One last thing no matter what anyone else thinks you are a moose
  • If you really want to fuck up, I'll get on top.
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Roland Out!