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Funny, unusual, or just moments from today

I'll start..

Picking my step daughter up tonight by driving back from Norfolk 5.30, to pick her up from her Dad's Mum's place in New Eltham, turning around and driving back to Norfolk. All so she can be here for part of Xmas day and wake up with her little bro on Boxing day for Xmas part ii tomorrow.


  • Just dropped off my old friend’s 89 year old wife to visit him in the Norfolk and Norwich hospital which will almost certainly be his last Christmas.
    No alcohol for me until after I collect her at 3 p.m.

    Have a good journey Razil.

    That's very good of you mate, hope you have a great day
  • Amazingly I'm in a traffic jam on the M11, seems like a big accident southbound not to far north of the M25. Always seems to hit problems there travelling back in the dark.
  • But are the socks on his feet or somewhere else? Sorry more scarring.
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    Went to my church going sister's yesterday for dinner, she has two young teenage kids and her mother in law (80) was there, along with Mrs GA and my teenage daughter.. Lovely dinner and then my niece does a famous person quiz on her laptop. After that we decide to watch a film and picked Spy, it got Miranda Hart in it, so I thought it would be suitable for all of us. Anyway after a few f bombs and a c bomb, to which her mother in law says there's a lot of swearing in the film, we all carry on watching. Then comes the scene where there's a erect penis on the screen (fake), it was decided that it was time for us to watch something else. The bother in law and myself trying not to laugh out loud.

    Think we will be playing I spy next year at ours.
  • 'Oh, go on I begged, perleeeaaase, it is Christmas' - (I had been asking this for a long time now.)

    'Oh, OK' she said 'As it's Christmas I'll let you do it just this once'

    I did warn her, 'you won't be able to sit down for about two weeks'.

    'I don't mind she said'.

    So, I sold the 3 piece suite.

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