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Supporters will be able to hear from Charlton owner Roland Duchâtelet tomorrow according to CAFCofficial


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    Can we play Roland quote bingo!!

  • Already a thread started by the interviewer himself:
  • Not sure if he's got my 'phone number though.
  • Bound to be dismal news and released just after he leaves for Belgium.
  • Who the hell wants to hear his bollocks. Clem's earlier post is spot on.
  • If anyone can be bothered, tell him to fuck off.
  • Gumbo said:

    Shouldn't we Have Roland quote bingo!!

    Huh! :smile:
  • 'unlucky with injuries'
    'Best interest of pitch at heart'
    'Katrien on steep learning curve but looking to make a success of it'
    'Karel wasn't ready to manage at this level but is a great scout for us'
    'I sympathise with the protests, as a fan myself I know how upsetting bad results can be even when they come under good management'

    5/5 is a full house
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  • The very sad thing is some will still be desperate to give him a chance/listen to his bullshit.

  • He's going to apologise for his april fool 'prank' of sacking Katrien via Companies House getting outed before april 1st?

    Or quote some waffle from the bible about 'and the last shall be first'?

    His photo looks a bit grim. Has someone just explained that champions league qualification play off s don't exist in England, and if they did, then unlike Belgium they would'nt encompass the first 64 league clubs.
  • So how many Huh's do we think will be used?
  • He'll probably go on about his master plan to conquer the world.
  • Announcing a customer survey ? And free coaches to Scunthorpe next season.
  • Announcing a customer survey ? And free coaches to Scunthorpe next season.

    He'd better not do the former without asking me about past fan surveys or else.

  • Shows we are winning that old Belgian codger has actually been persuaded to communicate, short of the announcement of a Curbs/Powell dream team and Katy back to conveyancing in Belguim I can't think of much he can say that I will be impressed with.
  • He is going to announce a £50 mill war chest to propel us to the Premiership!
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  • Season ticket renewal? Now?


    I may renew but probably not and certainly not before end August.
  • I really hope that, if the interview is to be shown on CAFCPlayer, they've had it passed by the BBFC...

    I, for one, am worried that it would be wholly inappropriate to broadcast disgusting and depraved scenes of an old man, busy f***ing our club while occasionally slapping I on the rump and shouting out "Who's the Shareholder????", without some kind of prior warning.
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Roland Out Forever!