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broadband help...

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My Orange broadband at home, won't connect. keeps on timing out.Any ideas?

1. Exchange problem?

2. My problem?

Any ideas most gratefully received.


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    could be your router - try changing the channel that it is sending the signal out on.

    *edit* i was assuming you are wireless!
  • Its a plug-in modem..
  • Anyone?
  • Have you tried switching it off and back on again?
  • DA9DA9
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    Try a ping test

  • Phone IT and get a 10 yo to talk to you like your 4 and who will demand you turn it on and off. Then who will turn up at ur desk looking like they have just got off the beach. Turn it on and off themselves, talk Bantu for 15 mins and go and get the 12 yo to have a look at it . Whilst ignoring the question "what part of our dress code includes for flip flops and cut down jeans ?".
  • [cite]Posted By: Gump[/cite]Its a plug-in modem..

    Have you plugged it in ?
  • Both lights on the modem are green..
  • [cite]Posted By: Gump[/cite]Both lights on the modem are green..

    You allow something green in your house? ;-)

    Seriously, try restarting it. Have to do that pretty often with my Sky router, even though all the lights are good
  • Will do....
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