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start doing Charlton polls?

I like the EU referendum poll that got set up. The other part of that story is that "Brexit?"
doesn't majorly rock my world. One reason, probably because I'm in the "remain" corner of the ring. Probably means I'm someone that can't be bothered to attempt to take on the world, and more importantly cant be bothered to look a lot deeper into certain possibilities. Nigel Farage is the founder of knobhead-head-quarters. I like people with strong beliefs and opinions, you can respect that side...that political boldness is something of a rare breed these days but that doesn't excuse this strange specimen. Extremely motivated by something that is probably nasty and filled with hate. It's a shame in a sense.

Charlton polls could be interesting.

Few ideas:

Favourite away ground (do a limited list of stadiums)

Favourite Charlton manager (Every manager/head coach Charlton has had - in the list...No interims *wink*)

I'm quite clearly a genius for coming up with these ideas.

Well I love a poll.


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