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I blame CARD

Seems somehow the "we want them out" message may have been mis-interpreted by the rest of the country......


  • Don't you mean missinterpretated
  • Something like that. Thanks Pete!
  • edited June 2016
    This. Fucking splitters.
    As an aside, I was just trying to be all smug to the wife earlier about how I had called it about right on here yesterday, and I suggested that as a result of my new found clairvoyancy skills, I should do the lottery tonight.
    When she calmly pointed out that it was a 50:50 call and she would do the lottery if the odds were THAT good, it wasn't the fact she was uncharacteristically right about something ( :wink: ) it was the way she said it with such weary contempt....
    Roland Out.
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Roland Out!