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Harry Redknapp

Interview in the telegraph today on the England manager.

Thought you might like his quote about Iceland 'They have got players who can't even get in Charlton Athletic's team and they made us look very a shambles'

CAFC The gift that keeps on giving


  • That bloke just doesn't like, why, could it be to do with Benty?
  • Eh... Whats he mean they've got players who cant get into our First-Team

    Or is he referring to Rurik Gislason who we released as a kid?
  • Didnt he sign Hermann Hreiðarsson from us?
  • What a moron that man is
  • Well he spoke on talksport this morning and actually said that the Cardiff guy couldn't get in their team. When he mentioned us he said 'a player from Charlton'
  • old 'Arry .. he's now a senile codger, but still a bit of a crafty old dodger/bodger
  • Don't want a crook running the England team.
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  • Redrobo said:

    Don't want a crook running the England team.

    better a crook than a reliable old banker
  • Harry.

    You are more of a celebrity then an ex football manager these days.

    You've trod on your friends and trod on the fans of clubs that worshiped you, just so you can get a little step ahead.

    You want involvement in the England set up....

    Fair enough just get yourself a time machine and re-write the bits when you was a c*nt.

    The England job is a very strange job.

    At this point I don't think it would hurt bringing someone in with a big ego (not uncle knobhead)

    Hodgson way too nice and doesn't want to take the flak for his huge failure.

    Hodgson = No class.

    Suprises to be honest.
  • Surrounding the England job, I loved Harry's disingenuos "There is no way that I would take it if offered anyway".

    This is a man that has just accepted short term gigs with both the Jordanian's and Derby County!

    I think the chances of him turning down the England job, are slim to none!!
  • Thankfully, the chances of it being offered to him are also slim to none!
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