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Televised Reading Match

Charlton vs Reading Live from the Valley 9.30 Saturday night Fox Sports 3 Australia

Blinding first chance to see the boys...

Also this means that it will be available to be streamed on the internet also for the international contingent or those that don't have satelite....


  • Trouble is Mascot we're normally dire on the box. I think WHU at home was the last time we played well.
    Also, I was really looking forward to seeing Racon and Youga for the first time. Oh well perhaps Bailey will turn it on instead.
  • I know... I was having a party wen we were against QPR I think and we were awful... we won against Preston was it with ZZ getting one and luke....

    It was make my night... Ill be there, 9.30 Saturday... Bailey to score long range screamer I reckon..
  • Anyone who's unable to get this on TV I advise using They're very good - only f****d up once in the last 2 years (although that experience still makes me worry every time)
  • Unfortunately it is not on live on Setanta Canada over here - instead they are showing about the 19th rerun of Sunderland - Liverpool from last Sunday.

    The Charlton game will be screened in full on Monday afternoon.

    Nothing much exists over here beyond the "big 4".
  • Mate same problem here in US just wrote a nasty e-mail to Setanta you should do same....can't believe they have USA vs Munster rugby live (which is live from Hartford, CT)....what a bore fest that will be.
  • Update - I got a reply from Setanta and they are showing the Charlton v Reading game live at 7.30 a.m. here in USA now that's customer service !!!!!! Did anyone else e-mail them
  • On 8/20/08, Setanta Sports <[email protected]> wrote:
    > The Charlton game will be shown.
    > ----- Original Message -----
    > From: <Oakster>
    > To: <[email protected]>
    > Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 4:17 PM
    > Subject: Setanta.Com enquiry8/19/2008 7:17:06 PM (General Question)
    > As a Setanta Canada subscriber since day one I am very disappointed to see
    > that you are not covering my team's (Charlton Athletic) game this Saturday
    > morning (which is live on TV in the UK) - 7.45am KO ET - and are instead
    > showing yet another re-run of a boring Premier League game from the previous
    > weekend.
    > I wonder if it is worth subscribing anymore, as I have no interest in the
    > EPL & only subscribe so that I can see my team & other Coca Cola
    > Championship games live.
    > If you are not even going to show this game, when it does not clash with any
    > EPL live games - what is the point?
    > Please can you show the Charlton - Reading game live on Saturday morning!!
    > Many Thanks
    > Oakster
    > Canmore, Alberta
  • Well done....if only 2 of us sent an e-mail then hats off to Setanta USA.....
  • Oakster - Just had a look at the schedules and it's on at 4.30am Pacific time - Cannot wait- fan bloody tastic mate
  • So were all in ....

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