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any bored computer experts out there???

I've got to get my Daughter a new desktop, got a shortlist of 2.

Anyone want to take a look and give me an opinion?


  • buy a mac, end of
  • I can strongly recommend Samsung laptops and PC's I used to be a real exponent of Dell's, but the build quality is really poor nowadays. Tel
  • Dell all the way for me. You get what you pay for, and it really depends on what you want out of it? Music, games etc etc, or everyday work kinda stuff?
  • Used to say that myself, but the reputaion has gone down hill recently

    I'm looking at a Packard Bell 2470 package and a Aries PCW3500 package. Both £500.
  • Just buy a new Intel based Mac, runs OSx and Windows, and will probably be one of the few machines out there to be able to run Windows Vista from day one.

    Designed well, work like a dream, excellent support, got all the stuff for uni, and stuff like iTunes/iPhotos for the fun stuff in life.

    Plus you can get 8% off if you take a NUS card into store or via the education store on line.
  • I would have agreed a couple of years ago, but trust me the build quality is now far from what it used to be. But, you pays your money and you takes yer pick. Ive changed my whole network over to Samsung's and they havent missed a beat in two years.
  • How much roughly?
  • £700 for a MacBook
  • Dunno if this will work but Education store for AppleDunno if this will work but
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    Stanmore, that PC you showed would be absolutely fine for your daughter unless she plays the latest computer games or runs a shed load of programs @ once (Which I doubt for both). If you have a wireless network you may want to change the network/modem option & may also be worth getting an additional DVD drive (not writer) incase she ever wants to copy cds/dvds directly.
    May also want to scrap the monitor & look on ebuyer for something that you know is quality unless you can get more technical details on it from them. As well as the software (anti virus), plenty of free available online that do just as good a job.
  • If you do opt for a PC, steer well clear of Packard Bell. They're not very expandable or upgradable....
  • I've got a HP desktop and laptop at home, and can't praise them highly enough. Both nice, solid bits of kit...

    HP run auctions through eBay too, so you can probably pick up a bargain
  • I've got a Spectrum that i'll do you for £20 LoOkOuT ;-)
  • PC go for compaq/hp or dell, pc world are doing some good deals right now around £500. Make sure you get 1gb memory and at least 100gb hard disk, and avoid celerons or non intel CPU chips.

    Macs are great but I just got one for £1800 - a 15" intel dual core.. also there simply aren't the same numbers of games for them. Plus parts etc are expensive. Cool though.
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    @WestStandSinger: A Spectrum... That'll make a rock solid server, alongside the two BBC Micro's we're running now and the overclocked Commodore 64, which I also use for Donkey Kong when the Forum's empty.
  • i am with rothko, macs rule, fact.

    who would want to play games on a computer these days when there are all these sooper pooper scooper hyper dyper snyper gaming console things out, where you dont even need joystick!
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