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Last Night....

Sorry, I've not read any other posts because I just wanted to get this down, so sorry if these points have been mentioned elsewhere....

*Kish was absolutely immense last night, he was everywhere and I hope that his performance last night made a few of his doubters eat their words.
*Marcus Bent and Matty Holland gave outstanding performances too
*Jerome Thomas seems overweight
*Great for Benty to score again
*The back four played well I thought, El Karhouri gave us a few scares though.
*Sell Luke Young in January, play Sankofa as first choice
*Rommedahl needs shooting, wasted so much in the 2nd half, if only he could beat people, he'd be world class.
*Nice to see them show some bo**ocks again, it was great to watch
*Pards will keep us up
*Graham Poll is an appaling ref, and his assistants aren't much better

Finally, I had to watch the game in the West Stand, good view but no atmosphere, I missed my North Stand Brothers & Sisters (The banners look outstanding BTW)

Keep the faith, we can do this - CAFC


  • Got to say Ultra that I agree with virtually all of your assessments. I thought Kish & Sankofa both had excellent games. Kish battled well with Michael Brown in midfield and dominated him for long periods. Sankofa got stronger as the game went on and as his confidence grew. He was tackling really strongly towards the end.

    Can't say that I agree that Pards will keep us up, as it is all a bit too late now, but it was good to see the team competing again.
  • If you mean Kakouri then i thought he played really well.

    The only reason he kicks the balls over the top of him as if he passes it to Carson, he'll baloon it out of the pitch.
  • well that is definately a first, someone defending El Kalamity and slating Carson.

    Take a bow BR !! :-)
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