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Charlton Life Dream Team

Have been reading a number of threads mentioning several members who have played for or against each other and as i am extremely bored today, here is what i've come up with.......
Manager : Afka (Steve Gitt)
Central Defense : Myself (Phil Chapple)
Central Defense : Peaky's Rocket (Les Berry)
Midfield : Hillsy's Up (Peter Garland)
Forward : Luva Luva (Leaburn, Don't take that seriously!!)
Lino/Clooney/Disco wheels : (Ralph Milne)
Any More...............................


  • Opps....
    Lino/Clooney/Disco wheels : Ohh Ahh Mortimer
  • Are you saying that I should lose weight?
  • Eltham Addick is a decent centre-half, think he was in the same Junior Reds side as Hillsy.
    Oakster is a fair right back, always guaranteed to chip in with the odd cracking own goal.
    Oracle is also a right back as well i believe.
    Ketman says he's a top sweeper, which means he likes to tell everyone else what to do without doing much himself
    Charlton Charlie can mince play wide on either side
    While Polo is meant to be a decent striker.

    Need a keeper - 1905 should fill most of the goal
  • AFKA was a good Robert Lee in his day before his bone's started to go frail before his time. Shame really, he played in the same Arsenal youth team as Matthew Rose
  • paulbaconsarnie was a roving right back many moons ago
    hillsy was a good keeper , not sure about him on pitch i think he plays in super slow mo
  • i've decided the best way to cover my frail bones is to give them as much padding as possible !
  • Hillsy's up,
    You don't need to loose wait my little(?) buddy, I was thinking that mr Garland was a legend like yourself(?)
    I'm sure i remember Afka doing fair impression of Graham Poll over Hall Place a couple of seasons back.
  • ooh aah would make a good lino, better than the twat from Wednesday anyway.
  • there's no game without us officials
  • oohaah, weren't you more of a Karim Bahgiri???
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  • Stone has reffed in the Conference before, while Arthur is also a decent ref.
  • He had a bigger handle bar than Borat!!
  • SuziSausage is cutting up the half-time oranges as we speak...
  • g h e ..... do you mean i was really good on paper but s**t on grass?
  • Not sure about the Grass, Did you go to Roda away then??
  • don't remember much about roda away accept ladies kept asking me for 50euros/gildas
  • Seem to remember Pervy dissapearing every hour, or did he just have a weak bladder??
  • he's disappeared to suffolk recently......
  • I'm a left footer and have played a poor left back. I'm also 'left back' for corners as it would take me too long to get into the opposition 18 yard box anyway.
  • Is that why he was all sweaty on Wednesday??
    " oohhh eehhh HHiii, sorry im late, loads of umm err trafic on the ummm eerr way back from um hi Ipswich !"
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  • Les Says is a cat like keeper
  • always asleep ?
  • In my day, I was probably the best right back in the world. But then again, Carlsberg had not been invented ;o)
  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]always asleep ?

    tell ya what, i watch him play (he plays weekly) and its surprising how quickly he moves! you'd never guess it possible!
  • I'll be the official Photographer
  • u need a keeper ? I'm only about half Hillsy's size tho
  • in height Dave, not so far behind on the width
  • I'll be sub utility man
  • [cite]Posted By: suzisausage[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]always asleep ?

    tell ya what, i watch him play (he plays weekly) and its surprising how quickly he moves! you'd never guess it possible!

    i dunno whether to take that as a compliment or an insult.

    double league winners this time last year, 2006 wasn't so successful down the powerleague though. my 11-a-side days are over unfortunately.....
  • need anyone to hold the Andrex?

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