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The *Bite Size* Takeover Thread

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You moaned, we listened.

A number have complained that they would rather not wade through the almighty tosh on The Takeover Thread that provides the fat filling from one thin slice of information to the next.

So our mods will run a Bite Size thread for those that just want to cherry picks the latest news and rumours.

We'll start with an update provided by our January Calendar boy, and everyone's favourite poster @Henry Irving

2nd Feb

Richard Murray spoke to staff members in the days before the Walsall game and told them that there is a "preferred bidder" and the takeover may come in February. The term "Preferred bidder" wasn't explained and could be someone has exclusive legal rights to take a deal forward or just someone Roland (or Murray) would rather buy the club.

RM then meet with the Supporters' Trust/CARD on the day of the Walsall game and told them that two parties had completed due dilligence but one was ahead of the other. RM didn't use the term "preferred bidder to CAST/CARD.

Still no confirmation on who these parties are although strongest rumours suggest that they could include:

An bid including Australian Andrew Muir (which is not the same as the AFC consortium who were mentioned back in April 2017 when this thread started)

A bid fronted by Donald Muir (no relation) and Alex McLeish, who's backers are unknown but some suggest they are South African and others British.

@redhenry has said there were four interested parties but this week cut this to three. We don't know who these parties are.

@Airman Brown appears to have some new information but you may have to buy VOTV tomorrow to find out (or read a version on here). His mood some optimistic and he hinted on twitter that it is the Australians who are ahead at the moment.

Richard Murray spoke to staff again this week, this time at the training ground. The SLP reported that he told staff that there "COULD BE" a deal in February but that timescales could shift.

@nth london addick states that no formal offer or offers have been made.

There is absolutely no, repeat NO, evidence that Red Bull are involved.

The transfer window saw no sale of Konsa but also no purchase of any new players. Three players joined on loan. This can, and has, been interpreted as meaning both that a sale is close and that a sale is a long way off. Robinson confirmed that Duchatelet had final sign off on deals on deadline days and rejected bids for Magennis and possibly Fosu and Konsa.


  • Sale price rumoured to be £45m, although unsure at this stage how much is upfront and tied to long term performance of club
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  • thanks to @Henry Irving for the two following summaries

    11 June 2018

    Since @JamesSeed told us that potential buyer Andrew Muir was flying back to Oz two week ago there has been much speculation over the progress of the EFL fit and proper test, much of it contradictory.

    @addickted said it had been returned but with "two qualifications" although it wasn't clear if these were major or minor issues.

    Others, including @Redhenry, said they had heard the test has been failed.

    @Airman Brown hinted that there might be some sort of news on Friday 8th June, the day before the club's 113th anniversary but that didn't happen. However the good Airman was upbeat and advised Addicks to "don't panic" The use of the Dad's Army image, rather than a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy towel was culturally significant but in no way related to any takeover.

    With the Aussies predicted two week return happening at weekend just gone (8/9th June) @JamesSeed was able to make fresh contact with his buddy in the consortium. Jim then told us

    "I messaged my contact about rumours that the EFL had somehow blocked the sale, but he said they are 'absolutely not true. We are working through the process and are hoping to be in a position to make an announcement later this week.'"

    On Monday 11 June Richard Cawley from the South London Spanner tweeted almost the same information regarding a hoped for deal this week but was understandably cautious "#cafc takeover update. It is hoped - and I must emphasise that word - that the takeover will happen this week. But, but, but - there are variables that mean this is not definite."

    RC said that RD wants to sell and the Aussie want to buy so the reason for the delay remains unclear. His tweets here

    Reports of a overweight Italian lady warming up her vocal chords in Floyd Road have yet to be confirmed
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  • 18.09.18

    Charlton issued the following statement on their Official site yesterday:

    Charlton Athletic owner Roland Duchatelet will meet EFL representatives next month.

    The EFL requested a meeting to gain a full understanding of the current situation that surrounds the club.

    Duchatelet will be joined by Lieven de Turck who is representing the club in takeover talks.

    Selling the club remains Duchatelet’s number one priority.

    As referenced at two recent Fans’ Forum meetings (August and July) an Australian consortium have a deal agreed and just need to submit final papers to the EFL. The club doesn’t know when the final documents will be lodged and de Turck remains in regular contact with representatives of the consortium. As previously referenced a price is also agreed with the second party that have completed due diligence. It should be noted that the lack of progress in any change of control at the club is not as a result of the parties waiting for the EFL to process the necessary documentation.

    In addition to the aforementioned groups, other parties have shown interest and de Turck is managing any negotiations.
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