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pressley chooses celtic - CONFIRMED

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might have been a bit slow for the prem anyway..


  • he hasn't chosen anyone yet and even the one site that says he is having a medical at Celtic is stating it's only a rumour. Reckon we are in with a good chance. Pace doesn't come into in though imo. Just as crucial is awareness, positional sense and leadership. If pace were the only issue then we'd never have signed Jorge Costa.
  • Maybe it's the cynic in me, but a scot being seen at a live tv premier match with the potential to move to Celtic smacks of trying to get higher wages- Or am i just in a bad mood?

    Large- good point re Costa!
  • should of learn from Curbs book, never let a target leave the room without signing anything.
  • Scotsman reporting differently. But who knows?
  • How many of these transfer decisions will end up being decided by the players wife?

    Hope he does sign- put him next to ZZ and HH and i can sense some cloth touching.
  • are we meant to hear a decision as early as this afternoon?
    thats what it says in the link.
  • reported on scottish radio (to celtic)

    :) ???
  • Celtic it is.

    shame, sounded just what we needed....
  • ah well, move on, must be more out there, preferably with 'legs'..
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    [cite]Posted By: razil[/cite]ah well, move on, must be more out there, preferably with 'legs'..

    But who? We don't just need a defender, we need a natural leader. I said a few weeks ago it would probably be an older player on either a short term contract or loan deal. Pressley seemed to fill that criteria, who else is there? I can't see any Jorge Costa's sitting on the bench every week anywhere.

    Here's a crazy suggestion, make a bid for Michael Duberry. He's at stoke who have the best defense in the championship and he's still only 31.
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  • Carl Tiler Razil?
  • he's got to be 40 now.
    hated him.
  • Peter Shirtliff has just been sacked by Mansfield.
  • knew it wouldn't work out when he was announced so early. a leaf out of Curbs book Mr Pardew, never let anyone know your plans. this was just a hype thing thought up by his agent. didn't his agent say yesterday that nothing was certain. smacks of media and agent bumping up the value of a player at the thin end of his career.
  • Glad we did not get him, he is too old and even all the Hearts fans admit that he is now a bit of a carthorse.
    I have seen him play on several occasions and, believe me, this bloke is no Jorge Costa - if he was then he would not have been stuck at fourth-rate Hearts for the last 8 years.
    Costa was slow but could read the game brilliantly so he would rarely have to chase back whereas from what I have seen of Pressley he is just slow.
    Good one to miss, I reckon.
  • Hearts not 4th rate - didn't they finished second last year = champions league qualifiers

    Pressley was a Charlton target - long before Pardew was announced - funny thing is I thought we had plenty of defenders just lacking in midfield (and of course up front - but then that up 'n coming young prospect Lisbie might be fit again soon!)
  • why can't we 'convert' on of our 6 centre halfs to a defensive midfielder, or is that a silly question?

    (have I missed anyone?)
  • Carl Tiler??
  • Why don't you come out of retirement mate?
  • who said i've retired????

    Canmore Utd
    Bow Valley Soccer League Champions 2007

    what you doing NYE Razil - i hear the Hardy is getting good again, Debbie's brother managing it
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    Elvis is not getting a game at Celtic,

    Fansfc linking him to a move to us, possibly too slow, but then again could be the leadership material we are lacking at the back.
  • If he's slow he'd fit in quite well with the rest of our central defenders!
  • Can he win a header in our own box every now and again? If he can, sign him up.
  • [cite]Posted By: Off_it[/cite]If he's slow he'd fit in quite well with the rest of our central defenders!

    don't need pace. Look at Jorge Costa. You can make up with it great positional sense, aerial ability, reading the game, and having bottle to put your head in where it matters.
  • Stefan Henchoz (spelling) was another example of this, he didnt break into jog last season at the Valley and was still the best defender on the pitch, even though he gave the free kick away at the end when we finally realised we could push the ball past him.
    The manager also conceded his newly assembled squad may be lacking a leader out on the pitch as they struggle to adapt to life outside the Premiership.

    Pardew said: "I think it is a fair assessment. I've got two French guys in the centre of midfield and Amdy Faye's character is not the type to organise and talk.

    "He is very much a singular character, so he needed a voice behind him and the two centre halves tonight should have led the team in a more purposeful manner.
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