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Arsenal - Sold out

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We've sold out our whole away allocation - gotta b first time in a few years!!!

We done to all who bought ticket - can't afford it unfortunately not goin till forrest on 6th

Any1 think we could get a result?? another 4-2 would b beautiful!!!

think b lucky get a point thou, aslong as put in another good performance


  • Think we could sneak a's hoping.........everything crossed........cmon you reds
  • If Arsenal's team resembles the lineup that they've put out against Sheff Utd tonight, then there must be an opportunity to get something.

    *Fingers crossed*
  • - We sold our allocation of 1800 as we turned down a bigger one !
  • we have sold nearly 3000 according to the os. lets hope Arsenal play as bad as they did tonight.
  • I thought the max we could be allocatated was the 2.1k we opted for ?
  • just checked 2912 to be exact!
  • Fairplay then! However, we should really be selling out all the london allocations to be honest! Still will be good to see that many fans make the trip.
  • Wasnt it £40 odd?

    If so they can stick that.
  • Its deff the first time we've sold our full away allocation in atleast 2/3 yrs i really can't remeber last time, its cos its hard tp get bloody away tckets unless your a season ticket holder and go 2 away games consistantly, its a joke, i couldn;t even get erm for blades away even thou only 200 odd ppl traveled, same story chesterfield in cup, just cos i live up north and can't get hme games reg
  • Its deff the first time we've sold our full away allocation in atleast 2/3 yrs i really can't remeber last time.........

    You mean since about five weeks ago when we sold out at Reading?
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  • what our full away allocation?? sure it was a reduceed allocation not the full one

    amyways only sellin 800 b4 2days result and now selling outs good goin, really think can get something from game aswell
  • I think you will find that 800 tickets remained unsold before today.
  • ok sorry, me bad
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    [cite]Posted By: scruffle[/cite]really think can get something from game aswell

    LIKE THREE POINTS. If the pigs can do it....
  • Norwich was the last time I beleive. St Georges Day 2005.
  • Hope so CB.

    But I fear a backlash, especially on their almost snooker table of a pitch compared to Bramell Lane.

    Damage limitation on Tuesday for me.
  • I thought Reading was sold out this season?
  • Yeh but we only took the 2.1k allocation instead of the full amount avaliable. Plus there appeared to be plenty of empty seats
  • I think you'll find we had 1,000 at Sheffield United.

    You could also get in on the day.
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    @Stanmore: I don't think Pards knows much about "Damage limitation"! Well, I'm sure he knows about it, it's just not his style. And in Arsenal, it's a bit of a grudge match. I'm sure he'll be looking to attack and win, whether it's nieve or not, I guess we'll find out on Tuesday. Let's pray for shite awful weather.
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    Scruffle - i got ticket's for Sheff Utd game. not a season ticket holder. bought them on-line from CAFC website. admittedly my cousin got me Chesterfield ticket's
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