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Matt Holland

I've been a big time critic of him over the last couple of years- but today he was absolutely magnificent today ( and Wednesday)

He did the captains job today- no offence baby B, but it was he in the ref's face backing up his players and i for one feel that he makes a better captain than Luke Young.

Am i wrong?


  • your not wrong but would rather keep a good thing goin and keep bent for next few games, y change when we're playin well??
  • Yes, Matty has been fantastic and I take back much of my previous criticism of him.
    He should never have lost the captaincy to that twat Young in the first place.
    Not sure about changing back now though!!!
  • Here here....he was superb today, leave Bent with the armband, it doesn't seem as if Matty needs it to do the job.
  • Have to agree. I have been highly critical if him but he has done the business the last couple of games and deserves credit.

    I think the difference before was that he was pretty much guaranteed a starting place where as now, with the signing of ZZ and Walton to come back in January, he knows he has to perform to stay in the side.
  • Totally agree he was top class versus Fulham and Villa,just hope he's got the legs to keep doing it.
  • Thought he and Carson were among the very few to emerge from the Reed 'era' with any credit, and agree he has been excellent recently.

    Think he was sub for a couple of games, but when he has been on the pitch he has looked like the natural captain and long may it continue - a great pro and obviously a big influence on the progress we've made up until this season.
  • Completely agree, Matt Holland should still be captain.
    I'm probably bias as I can't stand Luke Young, think he's totally over-rated. Keep Sankofa in the side and use Young as cover, then sell him in June.
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