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Avatar/Symbol thingys

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Is there anyway we can have an option to have this turned on/off for viewing?

Got a new 19inch screen at work at they are becoming increasingly difficult to hide!


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    i think you can change your profile to be "text only"

    in fact there is a button over there <
    that does it.
  • clever girl!

    ta Suze
  • Now I am in open plan would it be possible to make this site "work safe" for me please? A few pictures of cows and sheep should do it ...................
  • Clink on Account at the top, then go into 'Change stylesheet' on the left-hand side.

    You can then select the @work display, which is just plain white background and black text.

    this is the way i view it.

    can't do nowt about the sheep and pigs though....
  • How about this one........... (ps i found a lot worse before you complain!)
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