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Ian Hume

Have you seen the size of the fecking scar on that mans head jeesus h that is horrific how chris morgan aint in jail for that is beyond me

anyone who is going tomorrow with this inate feeling to booo please boo the life out of morgan he is a scumbag and a cowardly maggot


  • don't do that - our sensitive little darlings might think we are booing them and go into their shells again.......
  • thats alrite morgan will soon knock em out of them
  • Don't worry Hamaeur Bouazza will sort him out tomorrow
  • christ forgot he will be in the line up, somone will get sent off just hope to god its not one of ours...

    The lad should sue Morgan for every penny that dirty MF has, couldnt belive people are still defending him.. If i was the boss he would never my shirts colours ever again.
  • Dirty challenge (although ive only seen it on the news)
    anyone know where you can see the scar? a website or nething?
    Im up for booing the Dck hed on saturday
    Silly mug
    should never play agin
  • Sky Sports News have done an interview with him you can see it on there
  • Thats one of the biggest mars bars i've ever seen!!!
  • Was the scar caused in the actual incident or was it as a result of a later operation...I'm not sure?
  • prob the later surgery, but all the same thats some scar!! was an awful elbowing incident, morgan shouldn't be playing
  • Absolute bloody disgrace.

    Morgan should be banned for life, end of story.

    Typical thug that Warnock thinks is 'hard but fair'

    If you see that scar, that'd change your mind.

    Hope he can recover.
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  • saw the interview about it on Sky, could have killed him, how the dirty bstrd morgan has 'got away' with that i dont know. neil warnock was on the same program a couple of weeks ago saying that it wasnt deliberate!!
  • Warnock has always stuck up for Morgan.

    Sums him up.
  • edited November 2008

    Play the video you can see the 18 inch scar.

    Hmm didn't seem to work, nonetheless have a look yourself, it's worth it.
  • And the FA take no further action against Morgan
  • [cite]Posted By: aliwibble[/cite]And the FAtake no further actionagainst Morgan

    Out of order, considering how they were quick to throw the book and make an example of Drogba.
  • Apparently he's back in hospital because he was feeling unwell after he was released from hospital a few days ago.
  • Was suprised there wasn't that much boo'ing on Saturday.
  • Blimey- i've just seen it on SSN- looks like the survivor of the end of the hannibal film..

  • [cite]Posted By: aliwibble[/cite]And the FAtake no further actionagainst Morgan

    Our FA are a bloody disgrace,just a bunch of clueless numptys!!
  • If it happened in the street he'd be looking at a prison sentence. To not even get a 1 match ban is quite simply pathetic. Especially when you think that Wigan defender got a ban for a perfectly good tackle on Ameobi. The FA have f*cked up big time, for god's sake the bloke could have died.
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  • Just wish the guy a speedy recovery!! morgan has always been a dirty barsteward
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