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Charlton Museum Poll

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poll on visiting the Charlton museum (if C, could you give any reasons?)

Charlton Museum Poll 262 votes

Visited - Enjoyed it
30% 81 votes
Visited - Meh
1% 3 votes
Not Visited - But would like to
61% 161 votes
Not Visited - Not really interested
6% 17 votes


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    thanks AFKA 
  • It's 100% worth a visit.
  • Would really like to visit but opening hours are the issue (I fully understand why they are what they are). We tend to arrive around 1330 and have a couple in the Buglehorn or the Swan before wandering down to the ground.  Will get organised this year and alter pre match routine some day, come early and “do” the museum before the prematch pint routine in Crossbars. 
  • I agree with FA as it is the visiting hours that are the problem. Did visit once when we were in London earlier than usual and was very impressed, a definite must for any cafc supporter and even for non supporters who are interested in football.
  • Highly recommend a visit, though it's true that the hours are a bit tricky. I managed to go during your evening event to celebrate 25 years back at The Valley
  • Could you add an option to say it’s the opening hours? 
  • Ashamed to say I haven't been yet but want to. As other have said, opening hours are a bit of a problem but the fact I don't go to many home games doesn't help either.
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    Curb_It said:
    Could you add an option to say it’s the opening hours? 
    It was in the original poll

    If C, for what reason haven't you been able to visit.
  • Live in the sticks; would visit on matchday but travel by Valley Express so never arrive early enough. Probably same for many others.
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  • I’m a season ticket holder living in Manchester and would like to visit the museum however opening hours will always be difficult for me. 
  • It's well worth making and taking the time to go.
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    I live way out in the sticks these days and it seems that whenever I am in London the museum isn’t open.
    Given my age and number of years of unswerving devotion to The Addicks I can’t believe I still haven’t visited the’s almost sacrilege when I come to think of it.............but infuriatingly, it’s never open when I am around in order to come along.
  • Every Charlton fan who is able should make a visit.
  • Everybody who works and nurtures the Museum does a fantastic job. The artefacts are great, stimulating memory and conversations, and there is usually something to discover even if you think your knowledge is comprehensive.
    What would improve things would be if there is somehow a lot more space, a bit more dough for infrastructure, and in the sunny uplands even a dedicated full or part time curator.
    Either way what has been achieved may be modest, but it is marvellous.
  • Copied from other thread as more relevant here:

    For what it is worth my answer would be C and the reason is that the museum is open at times when I either cannot or it is difficult for me to get there living some distance from the ground.

    I appreciate it is run by volunteers and that there are probably Health and Safety regulations or equivalent that mean it has to close two hours before kick off  on match days but the question has been asked and I have given an honest answer to it.

  • Visited a few times and always pleased I made the effort to look in. Considering this is all due to the efforts of a few dedicated volunteers I think we should do our best to see what they have achieved on a very limited budget.
  • I used to volunteer in the museum and think its a shame more Charlton fans haven't visited. There's some absolutely fantastic memorabilia, items and historical information in there.
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  • Who voted Meh?

    Roland and Katrien?
  • Who voted Meh?

    Roland and Katrien?
    Roland like the museum when he visited, so I'm told.  Unfortunately none of the trustees were there.
  • Will be sure to add it to my agenda during my trip!
  • Will get there eventually. Limited opportunities given the distance.

  • what are the opening times?
  • I will visit but I don’t usually get to the ground before it closes .
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    Visited it about four years ago now and need to make another with the subsequent additions to the memorabilia. As I and others have said a must do.

     🎼 'And if you know your history it's enough to to make your heart go ooooh, we don't care what the  Millwall say what the hell do we care! ' 🎼
  • Visited when it first opened a few years ago - need to get back and see some of the additions since then.

    Our history and tradition are vitally important to the culture of our club - that’s the part that doesn’t belong to any player, manager or owner - it belongs to us the fans. Having a museum gives us a focal point for that history and tradition so we should support it.   
  • C - I suppose I don’t know enough about it. Maybe there’s somewhere I should look online but my questions would be how big is it and how long to look around?
  • C — Only because it's 3452 miles away.
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