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++Politics Today++

Morning all, General Election Day. As you are aware, we removed politics discussion off the main forum and into a sub category earlier this year. Here’s setting out the plan for today:

1. This afternoon we will open back on the main forum a General Election ‘Match thread’. This is to discuss news that emerges, key seat focus, commentary, quotes, coverage etc etc. This is NOT a thread for you as an individual to overtly offload your own dramatic views, particularly on the party you oppose or fellow posters. We are all adults, we are asking nicely to please post in line.

2. We will open our Charlton Life Exit Poll at 10pm tonight, again on the main forum. As always, this will be anonymous. Please make an effort to add your vote / non-vote, we only normal get about 25% of our active members participating and it would be great to get more. It always makes fascinating reading and a great indicator of whether noise is reflective of numbers. I’ll add the results of the 2010, 2015 and 2017 exit polls to this post later this morning.

Everything outside of those two, please continue to use the dedicated House of Commoners sub-category. It’s open to all CL members to joinand currently had 237 members. The link is below:

Hope that all seems ok to everyone 


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