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Why cant we add links, pictures etc anymore?

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..SORT IT!!!! ;-)


  • I can!
  • Stop posting pictures of Dan up Dude he'll get paranoid that you are stalking both him & Darren Bent !
  • LOL! Whats happened to me.. Have I been banned from linking? Caption Corner was my only contribution to this site and now its been taken away from me. Well thats it !! Im back off to NA to wind up Chirpy and Two_Sheds ;-)
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    Im back. Someone had interfered with my settings!!
  • Is this a caption Corner thingy? is so....

  • amos_efsigned.JPG

    MCS at the pub
  • Rothers, i spose thats amos?
  • edited January 2007
    [cite]Posted By: MCS[/cite]I can![div class=Attachments id=Attachments_42010 noWrap=false][ul compact=false][div noWrap=false]boothroyd_adie_sq.jpg[/div][/ul][/div]

    got to say dan having met you that is uncanny!
  • I'm much better looking and have more tactical nous!
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